Dyr Tid was formed into a music group during the spring 2016 when Love was working on an artistic research project within his master education at the dramatic university. The first concert was made 25 meters below ground in an old nuclear reactor facility. The music was improvised but structured through breathing and through certain photographs, which were also exhibited in other rooms in the underground venue. After a series of the improvised concerts we started composing and arranging old music to use as structures for our music. With influences from the traditional Scandinavian folkmusic, electronic music, rock and pop the band created their world of sound.

Joakim and Love has know each other almost since birth and started playing indie-rock when teenagers. Love and Anna met within the traditional music scene where both have been active their whole lives. Anna is educated at the folk music institution at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. During 2017 we have composed music, played as live band in a theater play, and recorded and released our first music. We plan to record more music during the autumn.

Love Kjellsson – vocals, guitar, violin
Joakim Karlsson – drums
Anna Karlsson – violin, vocals


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Dyr Tid